UV Disinfecting Lamp
UV Disinfecting Lamp
UV Disinfecting Lamp

UV Disinfecting Lamp

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  • 1.Remote control operation, 15 / 30 / 60 min Timing;
  • 2.Fast disinfection, sterilization and mite removal;
  • 3.Physical antivirus, no residue;
  • 4.UV + O₃ , Double effect.
  • 5.Suitable for 10-25 sqm space, living room, bedroom and other household space, 15min rapid sterilization and disinfection.
  • 6.It produces ozone during work. Ozone can sterilize places where ultraviolet light cannot reach, but ozone is harmful to the human body. After disinfection, the room needs ventilation of 60 minutes. We recommend to use it for cabinets disinfection.
  • 7.Use UVC sterilizer light, 360 ° degrees wider beam angle, it completely removes odors and dust particles, effectively improve your living environment.